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Elevate your brand visibility with our Direct To Garment Printing service

Revolutionise your marketing with direct to garment printing. A canvas for your creativity, it turns every piece of apparel into a striking billboard for your brand, alive with color and detail.

What is direct to garment printing?

Imagine your garment as a high-definition canvas. Our direct to garment printing breathes life into your logo or design with exceptional clarity, transforming everyday attire into eye-catching masterpieces that make a lasting impact.

What type of apparel can be printed on?

No matter if you're in the fashion industry, the world of promotional products, or launching a new venture, our direct to garment printing services can elevate your brand's aesthetic with custom apparel that your customers will adore.

Explore our selection of t-shirts and hoodies to get started.

Why opt for Direct to Garment Printing for your promotional branded wear?

Unleash Unlimited Creativity: Direct to garment printing offers a boundless choice for your brand, enabling a high degree of creativity by accommodating any imagery or design on your promotional items.

Enduring Quality: Experience durability like no other – with direct to garment printing, you can say goodbye to cracking, fading, and peeling. Leveraging advanced technology with our Brother GTX Pro printer, we guarantee a pristine and durable finish that meets your brand’s high standards.

Vibrant Visibility: Elevate your brand's presence with unparalleled vibrancy. Our direct to garment printing brings your business to the forefront with eye-catching colours and sharp details, ensuring your promotional wear grabs attention.

Ultimate Comfort and Style: Our products aren’t just visually appealing – they offer unmatched comfort. With direct to garment printing that feels soft to the touch combined with premium quality garments from our trusted suppliers, we promise wearables that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

The 2K Apparel Difference

You've put in the effort to make your brand exceptional. Now, you require premium apparel that lives up to that standard. Thanks to our direct to garment printing expertise, we're able to quickly produce the high-quality results your brand deserves.

State Of The Art Printing Technology

Quick Turnaround

Incredible Image Resolution

Durable Results
That Last


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