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Care Guide

We've performed rigorous quality testing to ensure your garment stays a statement in your wardrobe for as long as possible. Each garment is different, and requires special care for its specific materials. Take care of them according to their needs, as listed on the garment care label, and they'll continue to look good for a long time.

Wash white, dark and bright colours separately in cold water on a delicate cycle. Colour safe bleach is a better and safer solution for keeping whites their whitest, brights their brightest and your direct to garment print looking brand new.

Keep your cotton garments separate from your synthetic garments. The natural fibres wash differently so keep them separate to prevent damage.

Don’t overload the washing machine. Clothes do not get as clean when the machine is overloaded and garments rub together so much that the fabric can be damaged. Use a laundry bag to protect more delicate garments from rubbing against other items in the wash or getting snagged. This helps protect the fabric as well as any designs that may be on the garment.

Air dry flat and out of the sun if possible. Avoid putting any cotton garments in the dryer to avoid any shrinkage.

Whilst cotton is prone to creasing try to avoid too much ironing. It is best to iron cotton garments whilst they are slightly damp or alternatively use the steam setting on the iron. Keep the heat down low and always follow the instructions on your garment to avoid damage.

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